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Africa Inuka Hospital Ltd is a private hospital operating in Kenya. We are focused on ensuring universal healthcare by providing distinctive yet affordable healthcare services. Africa Inuka Hospital Ltd formerly operated as Inuka hospital before becoming a multi-branch network of hospitals.

About : About Us

Our Aims

  • Deliver high quality and affordable outpatient services,

  • Deliver high quality and affordable in-patient services,

  • Provide accessible healthcare to professionals and salaried persons in strategic locations in the communities in which we operate

  • Deliver high-quality professional services through partnerships to low-income communities or the disadvantaged

  • Develop a sustainable Hospital Network in Africa by effectively partnering with like-minded organizations and Key Stakeholders in Health Sector

About : Our Mission


 Our staff is dedicated to your well-being. Our board is comprised of Medical Specialists, Business Strategists, a lawyer, and founders of Africa lnuka Hospital Ltd. You and your family are most definitely in good hands, where we will do everything to the best of our resources and ability to be sure you leave happier and healthier than when you arrived at any of our branches. 

About : Our Values


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